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Accurately export up to 50,000 corporate data every day
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Query result data export
Registered capital, address, email, phone, business scope, website, etc.
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Advanced filtering
Enterprise status, phone, email, trademark, patent, financing, listing, etc.
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Search business, search boss, find relationship
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Boss inquiry
Investment, tenure, affiliates, partners, personal relationship chains, etc.
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history information
Historical business changes, investments, shareholders, lawsuits, administrative penalties, etc.
Unlimited X
Risk monitoring
Real-time access to business information and risk information changes of concerned companies and personnel
100 companies / 100 employees 100 companies
Risk scan
Own risks and corporate-linked risks
Unlimited X
Chihiro Map
Find the target area based on the company's geographic information
5000 500
Character Atlas
Boss invests and works for companies and bosses related to him
Unlimited 2 times / day
Batch query
Import a batch of designated business directories to quickly obtain basic business information of the business
10 times / day X
More numbers
Discover more contacts for companies
Unlimited X
Ultimate beneficiary
Mining natural persons or companies that directly or indirectly own more than 25% of the company's equity
Unlimited X
Holding company
Mining companies or companies where natural persons have direct or indirect control of their suspected actual control
Unlimited X
Find relationship
The relationship between the business and the business, the boss and the boss
Unlimited 1 time
Handing a business card
Communicate cooperation intentions to businesses through the function of handing business cards
500 times / day 10 times / day
Shareholding structure
Dynamic display of the company's shareholder holdings and foreign investment
Unlimited X
Brief financial analysis
Operating income, net profit, total assets, net assets, net profit margin, gross profit margin, etc.
Peer analysis
Analyze the development of the company in the same industry across the country and province
Multiple reports to help you make decisions
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Corporate Credit Report-Basic Edition
Business information, shareholders, main members, branches, judicial proceedings, etc.
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Corporate Credit Report-Professional Edition
Multi-dimensional corporate rating scores, presenting corporate credit reports in a visual chart
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Dong Jiangao's report on foreign investment and appointment
Corporate Legal Persons, Shareholders, and Executives' Outbound Investment and Job Information
free X
Equity Penetration Report
Mining more shareholder information of the company
free X